Rising Moon School of Yoga

2020 Pilot Programs

Yoga Study Program

A six-month program of self-directed Yoga Study, Virtual Classroom lectures & discussions, and weekly yoga practices

For those who crave a deeper connection to Self & Spirit and regularity in their practice, but may not have the time, inclination, or resources to commit to the full Teacher Training. Our Yoga Study Program can be done at your own pace - participate in the assignments that resonate with you or save them for later - you’ll have the yoga classes and readings to do whenever you want!

January 11 to June 6, 2020

Created & led by Caroline Cardino

12 Virtual Classroom meetings, 6 months of curated Yoga Study, 22 audio recordings of Caroline’s yoga classes to keep and practice

Virtual Classroom: 11 Saturdays, 1 Sunday* - 9am to 11am PST:

  • January 11, 25; February 8, 22; March 1*, 14, 28; April 11, 25; May 9, 23; June 6

Practice & Study: Self-directed, weekly assignments designed to engage you in study & yoga practice throughout the week without overwhelming your daily life. Yoga Study can be enhanced by adding Morning Intensives!

Investment in Self: $800

Early Bird Rate: $600 (register by Dec 15!)

**Your Investment can be applied toward Tuition for a future Rising Moon School of Yoga Teacher Training! 



Every other Saturday morning, join Caroline, the teacher trainees, and fellow Yoga Study Program participants for 2-hour video conferences.


6 months of weekly assignments and practices to help you establish self-care routines, invigorate your asana practice, and develop an embodied spiritual practice.


Lectures & discussion on yoga topics including:

yoga philosophy, theory, and history; practice principles and pose analysis; self-care techniques, journaling topics, and assigned readings.

The Virtual Classroom offers a flexible training experience - you can participate from anywhere you happen to be, as long as you have your laptop and wifi!

Immersing in mindfully-curated, self-directed Yoga Study takes your practice beyond asana, integrating the other 7 limbs of yoga into your life.

You’ll gain profound personal insights and develop routines that will set you up for a lifetime of spiritual practice, on and off the mat.

  • Yoga Practice: Turn your practice into a lifestyle with assigned weekly audio recordings of Caroline’s classes and regular classes at a local yoga studio of your choice. Receive guidance in carving out sacred space in your home and build confidence and consistency in your home practice.

  • Self-Care: Establish a life-long habit of self-care with support and accountability. Repattern your dietary and lifestyle habits, and incorporate qigong, meditation, mantra and self-talk into your healing regimen.

  • Journaling: Self-reflection assignments bring home the readings and our Virtual Classroom philosophical and spiritual discussions. Your journal is for your eyes only: it’s intended to establish a habit of inner dialogue, illuminate your deeper struggles, and help you process difficult experiences as they inevitably arise.

  • Reading Assignments: Read and write responses to books and articles that align with the topics of upcoming discussions and trainings. Subjects include ancient yogic texts; psychology & neurology; the chakra system and the human mythological experience; and the science of yoga.