Rachel Skinner, LMT, CYT

Rising Moon School of Yoga 


 Mission Statement

The Rising Moon School of Yoga is a non-profit collaboration between Rachel Skinner and her friend and yoga mentor, Caroline Cardino. Our mission is to create quality, informed experiences of yoga education, training, and practice. We are dedicated to a non-dogmatic, non-branded, inclusive practice of yoga. We aim to practice ethical economics, charging rates that are fair for both our yoga providers and the participants in our programs. As RMSY grows, we hope to raise funds for scholarships and grants for our yoga programs, and to partner with other charitable organizations to foster a culture of “giving back”.

We’ve created this School and these programs with so much love and fire within our hearts, and a whole-bodied hope that we can make a positive difference in the world through this soul-work.

2020 Pilot Programs

As Rising Moon School of Yoga, we are thrilled to launch three Pilot Programs:

  • Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training - six-month, 300+ hours interdisciplinary distance training bookended by two week-long Training Retreats in Joshua Tree, CA.

  • Yoga Study Program - get the practice and study side of the the Yoga Immersion without the Teacher Training: six-month, 100+ hours self-directed online program

  • Morning Intensives in Joshua Tree - vigorous yoga and meditation practices with Teacher Trainees during one or both of the Training Retreats.

Caroline has poured herself into crafting these programs to pay forward the insight and healing she has gained from 20 years of yoga practice, 12 years of teaching, and her understanding of energetic anatomy from over a decade of offering Visionary Craniosacral Work. Her intention is two-fold: to foster an embodied spiritual practice for those in a process of transformation and self-evolution; and to empower trainees with the education, skills, and confidence to become fantastic yoga teachers.

For a “sampler” of this transformative Teacher Training, join us for Urban Retreat LA: a day retreat in Los Angeles on Oct 12!

Pilot Programs created & led by Caroline Cardino

Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training

January 11 to June 27, 2020

  • 300+ hours of Yoga Study, Practice, & Teacher Training

  • Biweekly Virtual Classroom meetings (40 hours)

  • Two 8-day Training Retreats in Joshua Tree (128 hours)

  • 22 weeks of Yoga Study & Caroline’s audio yoga classes (154 hours)

  • 3 Yoga Mentoring sessions and biweekly check-ins (8 hours)

  • Discover a variety of spiritual practices to enrich your life journey

  • Build the confidence, knowledge, and skills to become a fantastic yoga teacher

Yoga Study Program

January 11 to June 6, 2020

The online and self-directed portions of Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training: 100+ hours of study and practice!

For those craving a deeper connection to Self & Spirit and a reinvigorated yoga practice, but without Teacher Training. Fully immerse in your practice for six months, or go at a pace that works for you week to week!

  • Biweekly Virtual Classroom meetings (24 hours)

  • 6 months of weekly assignments (100+ hours)

  • 22 recordings of Caroline’s yoga classes to keep and practice whenever you like (22 hours)

Morning Intensives in Joshua Tree

Join our Teacher Trainees for the morning yoga, meditation, and study during their Winter and/or Summer Training Retreats.

Your afternoons and evenings are your own! Craft yourself a personal retreat in the magical, surreal setting of Joshua Tree, CA.

Feb 22-29: Winter Retreat - Awakening Chakras 1 through 4

June 20-27: Summer Retreat - Awakening Chakras 4 through 7