Private Yoga


Deepen your self-love.

Find empowerment through a supported and personalized yoga practice.

Rachel provides a nurturing space for you to experience the benefits of yoga.



On your yoga mat, you’re invited to explore movement that releases tension and restores balance. Practicing yoga helps build a loving relationship with your body that encourages the mind to be present and listen to the body’s subtle needs and desires.





There are many yoga techniques designed to bring your mind into the present moment. The overarching goal of a yoga practice is to prepare the mind and body for meditation. Yoga helps shift stuck energy and emotions so the mind can be free, clear, and relaxed - ready to set transformative intentions.

Yoga connects us to something bigger than ourselves. It offers a container in which to explore the energetic expressions of movement and posture, as well as sensations of universal oneness. Yoga inspires soulful insights and healing affirmations that unites us with our spirit.  


Private Yoga Sessions with Rachel offer deep transformative experiences that benefit your life, health, and relationships.

  • Receive whole body and personalized approaches to pain management and prevention

  • Be emotionally and spiritually supported in your practice

  • Go deeper into the energetic and subtle aspects of yoga

  • Learn how to explore poses safely and mindfully

  • Develop the confidence to participate in group yoga classes and create your own home practice

Dress comfortably in clothes you can move and stretch in.
The space provides all yoga equipment needed.

Private Yoga Session Fees

75-minute Session


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