Astral Meditation


Connect to the Divine within

A guided practice of moving inward to connect to the deepest parts of your consciousness.

“We carry inside us the wonders we seek outside us.” ~ Rumi


Throughout our lives, we accumulate energetic and emotional baggage in our bodies and our energy bodies - especially if we don’t have time and space to process and mindfully integrate these experiences. We often don’t realize the accumulation is happening until we reach burn-out stage, feel emotionally overwhelmed, and suffer from insomnia and chronic body aches.

Astral meditation is an experience of filtering through the layers of consciousness to uncover forgotten truths and wisdom. While laying in a restorative yoga posture, you’ll actively participate in a guided meditation into your five koshas: like Russian nesting dolls, the koshas are all versions of your being that are contained within you - they are distinct, but still One.

These meditations help you process and clear any disturbing emotion or energy in your field; reveal patterns in your relationships and thoughts; and highlight the narratives that keep you feeling confused, stuck, and disconnected. The examining and releasing of all this “baggage” will leave you in a peaceful state of being.

My intention in guiding you through Astral Meditation is to empower you with the tools to continue your transformation of all that is not serving you. The universal truths of Love, Forgiveness, Trust, and Acceptance become more of an embodied reality through this work. You’ll learn how to listen to your own innate wisdom and create the life you desire.

Astral Meditation Fees

2-hour Session


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