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Rachel Skinner, LMT, CYT


I’m a born healer, space holder, and seeker of wisdom. I’ve explored a variety of different traditional healing modalities and have found my strengths in Yoga, Thai bodywork, Astral Meditation, and Bowen Technique. In 2012, I completed a 500hr yoga teacher training that included a Thai yoga massage training. Thai massage showed me how human touch can comfort and heal both physical and emotional wounds. In 2016, I became a licensed massage therapist, graduating from a 650-hour massage program and opened my own practice in Los Angeles. I traveled to Thailand twice to further my studies in Thai Massage and Thai Traditional Medicine. Most recently, I live in Portland, Oregon and my work has returned to the energetics of the body with training in Bowen Technique. 

The goal of my work is to help people find inner peace with themselves and in difficult life situations. Clients report experiencing deep reassurance and connection and often describe being in an altered or euphoric state during our sessions. I show clients how to look for answers by going inward instead of grasping for things outside of themselves. With yoga, meditation, and bodywork, my work has always been formulated to help people experience the astral plane and embrace their Higher Self where they shed all limiting beliefs and cultural conditioning and where they become one with the Universe. I keep returning to the wisdom that we have everything we need inside of us. The journey becomes a quest to unlock the Truths already embedded in our cells.

Since returning to Portland, I’m loving re-establishing myself in my community through my work and through creating Portland Moon Sisters. Moon Sisters grew out of my deep desire to build community among inspired, soulful women, and the belief that sisterhood can help women heal soul wounds, reclaim their feminine power, and unlock deep self-respect and self-love. We come together every New Moon to immerse in the energy of sisterhood and unify our intentions around a theme of transformation. Together, we create a powerful presence to break out of our culture’s ingrained behavioral molds of competition and divisiveness, replacing them instead with connectedness and support. Moon Sisters and collaborating with my Yoga Mentor, Caroline Cardino, in creating Rising Moon School of Yoga has aligned me with my soul’s path and purpose of teaching. I’m excited to assist her in the Yoga Immersion and Teacher Training she has been carefully crafting and developing over the past 5 years.

Introducing my Yoga Mentor, Caroline Cardino

Yoga Teacher & Teacher Trainer, Visionary Craniosacral Worker, Spiritual Coach

I’ve arrived in my yoga teacher journey where I’m ready to embody the practice and find my own authentic way of teaching it. My mentorship with Caroline has been fundamental in propelling me forward in becoming an excellent yoga teacher. She sees me and understands my strengths and weaknesses. Most importantly, she helps guide me to find my own voice, my unique practice and way of teaching. With confidence, she helps me break old habits and perceptions to discover new ways of listening to my students and clients so I can better address individual needs, as well as my own.

Caroline Cardino, E-RYT

Caroline Cardino, E-RYT

A life-long Seeker, Caroline has explored many yoga, meditation, and spiritual traditions for over 20 years. She began teaching yoga full time in 2007 and practicing Visionary Craniosacral Work in 2008. Over the past decade, her teaching practice has developed into a nondogmatic blend of the movement and energetic practices that resonate with her most.

Her yoga teaching is student-focused: each class is intuitively sequenced to meet the needs of those present. She loves helping people discover new ways to inhabit and relate to their bodies. She loves witnessing students grow stronger and more fearless in their practice. She loves facilitating their spiritual and energetic journeys, and she deeply appreciates the way her own journey evolves in the process. The most valuable aspect of her teaching is her acceptance that there are as many ways to practice yoga as there are people. She sees her role as helping people discover their own practice.

She has taught classes and workshops at studios in Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland, working with hundreds of yoga and bodywork clients seeking pain relief, emotional healing, or energetic alignment. Since 2007, she has completed three Forrest Yoga Teacher Trainings, and trainings in Prenatal & postpartum Yoga, TRE (Tension/Trauma Release Exercises), tai chi, qigong, Zen Shiatsu, massage therapy, and Visionary Craniosacral Work. 

Co-creating the Rising Moon School of Yoga with Caroline and assisting her with organizing and offering her Yoga Immersion & Teacher Training has been an inspiring and illuminating opportunity. We’re excited to be launching the training in January, 2020!